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Seeks Ballot Measure to Block State Business with State Sponsors of Terrorism

Joins Efforts in Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Ohio…More to Come

DENVER: An effort in Colorado to keep State tax dollars from being invested in, or spent with corporations doing business with State Sponsors of Terrorism, including Iran, announced today that it will seek to strengthen statutes or amend the state constitution.

Called “Defund Iran” ( the effort is in response to provisions in the Obama-Iran Nuclear agreement that requires the Federal Government to use “all available authorities” the pressure states to rescind anti-terrorism divestiture laws or practices.

The specific fine print of the Obama-Iran Nuclear Deal in Paragraph 25 says,

“If a law at the state or local level in the United States is preventing the implementation of the sanctions lifting…the United States will take appropriate steps, taking into account all available authorities, with a view to achieving such implementation.”

Said Colorado’s former House Minority Leader Mark Waller,

This ballot measure empowers people to participate in helping fight the war on terror. It sends a message to Washington that we citizens are not going to sit idly by and watch our country succumb to an agreement that provides a cash bonus to a terrorist sponsoring state. It allows the people to send a clear message that this is our money, and we don’t want it spent with terrorists.”

Colorado is one of five states – Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri and Ohio – to announce the Defund Iran efforts to put anti-terrorism divestiture language in its state constitution through a vote on the November 2016 General election ballot.

House Assistant Minority Leader Polly Lawrence joins Waller as a State Co-Chair of the effort,

We can’t let the Federal government force our states to choose terrorists over taxpayers. That’s why we’re joining with others to launch Defund Iran. Instead of rescinding our terrorism divestiture laws and practices, as President Obama wants, we’re going to give Colorado voters the opportunity to codify the law in our state constitution. We’re ready to work to put it to a vote.”

A national survey conducted August 12-17 by McLaughlin & Associates shows tremendous support for the ballot measure. Said pollster John E. McLaughlin,

There is strong bi-partisan support for this ballot measure as 4 out of 5 Republicans (81%); 3 out of 5 Democrats (60%) and 7 out of 10 Independents (70%) all said they would support such a ballot measure.”

A Colorado specific IVR poll conducted August 12th, showed even stronger support with 77.4% of all voters indicating that they would vote in favor of the ballot measure, including 76.8% of Democrats, 69.4% of Independents and 84.6% of Republicans. Depth of support was evident with 60.7% of voters saying they strongly support the ballot measure to only 11.2% strongly opposed. Still stronger, 63.4% of all voters say they’re more likely to support a candidate that supports the ballot measure

Concluded Waller:

“As an Iraq War Vet, who prosecuted insurgents, I’ve looked into the eyes of evil and have seen the devastation of terrorism. The Defund Iran movement is crucial to ensure our tax dollars are never invested in terrorists. It’s a way we all can do our part to help defund Iran, defend Israel and the United States, and defeat State Sponsors of Terrorism.”

Defund Iran will launch efforts in at least 15 states by the end of September and will work to put its anti-terrorism amendment on as many as 25 state ballots at the November general election. Its National Chairwoman is Sarah Steelman, former Missouri State Treasurer, who first enacted a policy of terrorism divestiture for her state in 2006. Joining Steelman in the effort as Honorary National Chairs of Defund Iran are Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and former Colorado House Minority Leader Mark Waller. Both Mandel and Waller are veterans of the Iraq War. 

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