“In order to ensure that taxpayer money does not directly or indirectly support international acts of terrorism, the State of Florida and its cities, counties and other political subdivisions shall not contract with or invest in any individuals, partnerships, corporations or other legal entities invested in or doing business with countries designated by the US State Department, as of January 1, 2015, as state sponsors of terrorism. 

Existing contracts and/or investments must not be renewed, and must be cancelled or divested at the earliest prudent opportunity. Under no circumstance shall such contracts and/or investments be in force past December 31, 2018.” 

Prohibited countries will be added to the list when designated by the US State Department as a state sponsor of terrorism. Countries can be removed from the prohibition list only upon their reclassification by the US State Department, and an affirmative majority vote of the State House and State Senate and the signature of the Governor, or by the overriding of the Governor’s veto by the State House and State Senate by a 2/3rds vote.

Ashley offers more than a decade of experience in politics and public affairs. She has assisted three Florida Senate Presidents with party fundraising, developed and managed marketing and public affairs strategies for numerous corporate and association entities, and has helped elect over 50 candidates to state office. She received both her undergraduate degree and masters in business administration from Florida State University. Ashley and her husband, Scott, live in Tallahassee, FL. They have a daughter, Kendall, and two dogs, Riley and Kacey. Outside the office she enjoys traveling abroad, cooking, and spending time with her family.
A fifth-generation Floridian, husband and father of four, Jeff Atwater was first elected Florida's Chief Financial Officer on November 2, 2010, and sworn into office on January 4, 2011. He was reelected to a second term on November 4, 2014, and sworn into office on January 6, 2015. His commitment to public service began in 1993, when his hometown of North Palm Beach elected him Vice Mayor. Mr. Atwater was subsequently elected to the House of Representatives in 2000 and the Florida Senate in 2002 and was unanimously selected by his fellow senators to serve as Senate President in 2008. Family values of fairness, stewardship of the public trust, and an unshakeable faith in the American ethos have informed his sense of duty and responsibility in all facets of his public and private careers. He believes that the principle role of government is to create the conditions where the individuals, families and businesses of Florida are given every opportunity to flourish.
Pastor Mario Bramnick is the senior past of New Wine Ministries Church in Cooper City, Florida,, and the Founder and President of Broward Pastors Network. He graduated with honors from the University of Miami in 1979 with a BS in Mathematics and with a JD in 1982. He practiced law in the field of commercial law and civil litigation from 1983 until 2009. Pastor Bramnick is under the covering of Pastor Guillermo Maldonado of El Rey Jesus International Ministries. Pastor Bramnick has a passion to see God’s Kingdom advance in South Florida, the United States, and the nations. He has a heart to establish a bridge between Christian and Jewish communities, Latin America, and Israel.
Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised by two former
public school teachers, Adam moved to Florida when he was eight years old and attended Palm Beach County public schools. In 1991, he graduated from the University of Maryland, where he was a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa honor society, with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and a minor in Communications. He then earned his law degree from the Florida State University College of Law. Elected to the Florida Legislature in 2002, Adam was a foot solider in Jeb Bush’s conservative revolution to reform Florida after decades of failed big-government policies. Adam is also a consistent voice in favor of keeping Americans free, prosperous and safe by recommitting America to strong national defense that honestly faces the national security threats we confront today.

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